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U.S. Roaming Travel Packs

One-Time Fee - Valid for 31 days

For occasional and frequent travellers who want minutes, texts and data in one convenient pack.
Includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands.

Fido Roam:
For Fido Pulse Plans only

$6 per day
  • Use talk, text, and data from your Fido Pulse plan
  • Overage rates are the same as your Fido Pulse plan

Talk, Text & Data:
Not available with a Fido Pulse Plan

$40 per month
  • 50 minutes of talk
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 200 MB of data
  • Overage rates: .75/minute, $20/100 MB
$80 per month
  • 100 minutes of talk
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 500 MB of data
  • Overage rates: .35/minute, $20/100 MB

Talk & Text:
Not available with a Fido Pulse Plan

$20 per month
  • 25 minutes of talk
  • 100 sent text messages 
  • Overage rates: .75/minute, .25/sent text
$40 per month
  • 100 minutes of talk
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Overage rates: .35/minute

Roaming Travel Packs will not apply to usage while roaming on a cruise ship, airplanes, Lebanon, French Polynesia, Palau or Cuba. Other conditions apply.

Pay Per Use Data Roaming

$7.99 per 50 MB

Per-day data roaming for travellers who are just looking for access to data services
  •  $7.99/day for up to 50 MB
Upon your first byte of usage you will be charged $7.99. This will provide you with 50MB that is available to use for 24 hours. If usage exceeds 50MB within a 24 hour period, an additional charge of $7.99 will apply for access to another 50MB during the same 24 hour period. Additional charges of $7.99 will not extend that 24 hour period.

International Roaming Options

Prices vary

Fido offers the most extensive international coverage available, thanks to our international roaming agreements with more than 650 operator networks in over 220 destinations around the world.

One-time fee

International Talk, Text & Data Travel Packs

International Data 24-hour Roaming Rate

Applicable destinations for packs and passes:

Europe (Zone 2)

Region: British Columbia